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We believe the best type of support for your users is unlimited support. So, our clients don’t worry about how long or how often they call us. There’s no hourly billing or confusing block time to complicate things. Just the support on-tap you need, when you need it, for any & every issue.

Our core focus is the user. Happy users are effective, hard-working and efficient workers. For too long users have had to work around the quirks of IT systems, but now the tide is changing – our mantra is focused on delivering the right IT systems tailored to the way that your business works.

Managed IT Support Service for business

We believe that offering a simple monthly fee for an all-inclusive IT service is the best solution for small-to-midsize companies who want to give their people the right support and tools needed to get their jobs done. These companies need to leverage IT to stay productive, keep employees happy and ultimately grow the business. Here’s just a few of the reasons why our IT service works for small and midsize businesses, and why other models fall short.

For small & micro-businesses, we also offer the peace of mind of on-call professional IT Support, (both on-site & remote), by an hourly rate. This service does not include all of the features of our Managed IT Support offering, however provides engineering support on a case by case basis.

Why Us?

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Friendly, personal service from our local team

Our people support your people. We have an experienced team of friendly, approachable engineers on-hand to support your team with any IT issues, whether that’s remote or on-site.

Unlike many of our competitors, we aren’t a faceless call centre operation – your team will get to know ours and often you’ll speak to the same engineer. We believe in building that all important personal relationship and understanding of your business, which goes a long way in delivering a quality support service for your users & the IT that they rely upon.

IT tailored support agreements

Flexible, tailored support agreements

Many of our competitors demand lengthy contracts of their clients when choosing to work with them. That’s most often a way to lock you into something you might very well be unsatisfied with, and makes it difficult to switch over to another service. Choosing an IT service provider is a big deal, and if you’re not happy with their performance then you shouldn’t be trapped into staying with them. We’re confident of our service, so we offer competitive short terms ensuring flexibility for our clients. If you’re happy with our service, you’ll continue to work with us – we don’t need to lock you in for years.

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Our Offering 

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People first

Our IT Support is tailored to users, not computers. We ensure that the IT works around your users, enabling them to efficient & effective.


We not only maintain the IT, but help you plan for the future. We have the technical experience & expertise to provide tailored IT consultancy for our clients. Ensuring only the most appropriate IT products & services are utilised.


We not only react to issues as the arise, but we proactively monitor & maintain systems to ensure faults are rectified before they cause any downtime.


We’re on-hand when you need us. Our core Helpdesk operating hours are 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday, however we operate a priority support line 24x7 for those most business critical issues.


Enjoy the peace of mind for one single flat-fee per month all of your IT management and support issues are covered. Our Fully Managed IT Support includes unlimited remote & on-site engineering support, in addition to proactive monitoring, consultancy and advice.


As we understand our clients & their needs we’re able to tailor technical solutions that are not only fit for purpose, but are technically and commercially sound.


We’re here to grow with our clients business and continue to adapt to the ever-changing demands of a dynamic business.


We offer competitive, flexible terms with no long-term lock-in. We’re confident of our service and believe you will be too.

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