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Antechs understands that data is key within your business. It must be easily accessible, held securely, frequently backed-up and recovered within an instant in the event of accidental loss or system failure. That’s why we provide the best-in-class backup, disaster recovery and business continuity platform – fully delivered & managed by us, and tailored to your business operation.

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What sort of backup platform should I operate?

The best backup services offer the ability to not only hold a copy of your data locally but, to protect against the event of total disaster situation, having securely stored a copy of your data in the cloud.

You would like to receive peace of mind that should a single file get deleted, it can be instantly recovered without any fuss. Your servers should also receive the same treatment. In the event of a physical or virtual server failure, you should have the ability to not only recover that server and restore it to the same state as before, but enjoy near 100% business continuity up-time by instantly ‘failing over’ your servers virtually onto a backup appliance.

What services do we offer?

File based backup

File-based backup

Protection against failure or accidental loss of data with granular file-based backup. Typically priced on a flexible per GB basis – your file backup solution will offer flexibility in growth to adjust to your business’ demands. Need to recover a file deleted last week? No problem – receive an additional safety net with scheduled restoration points.

server backup

Server backup

In addition to just backing up your file data, your whole servers should be protected to. By backing up the entirety of your servers you benefit from fast recovery should you suffer from a hardware failure, virus or an attack such as ransomware.

business continuity

Business continuity

Should a disaster occur, you need the ability to get back up and running as quickly as possible – or avoid any downtime altogether. We provide enterprise-grade business continuity solutions priced at competitive SME levels. Our platform provides stand-by failover server hardware that’s ready to go should another server of yours suffer a serious fault.

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